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Do you need to sell your house quickly? Do you have to relocate because of a job change? Do you have to sell a house because of a divorce or death in the family? Then, you might benefit from Max Cash Buys Houses, a Tucson, Ariz., company that is interested in buying homes in any condition.

The investment group carefully considers houses and buys them using cash. We will close fast on a home if you need to sell it quickly. When you deal with us you DO NOT have to:

1. Contact with a realtor
2. Use the Multiple Listing Service and waiting for buyer inquiries
3. Get repairs necessary due to termites, water damage or other problems

All the abovementioned processes are time consuming and only delay a sale. Also, they make it troublesome for the seller to find a buyer, and let’s not forget the commission. But when you work with us, you will not have to deal with any of these issues.

We can give you an instant quote. We will talk with you on the phone or in our office and discuss your situation. You will tell us about your home and your need to sell it. We will listen to you and answer your questions. Before we can offer you a quote on your home, we will schedule a time to visit the home. This will give us time to walk through the property. At this walkthrough, we will see for ourselves the condition of your house and the looks of the rooms and yard. We don’t expect you to do repairs or upgrades.

At the end of the walk-through, we will give you an instant quote! It’s that easy! We consider many factors before issuing your quote. We look at the neighborhood, market conditions, repairs needed and other factors. We are able to determine a fair price for your home through our procedure. We will buy your home in cash. You don’t have to do anything more.

When you have our suggested amount, you may consider the offer to determine if it will suit your needs. After you are ready to move forward with the sale, we will set a date for closing. We can close on your schedule in as few days as possible or in as many as needed. It all depends on you. The closing process is quick and painless. Then, you are free to move to your new location. We are here to help you succeed with the sale of your home.

Get Instant Cash Quote

We will buy a house in any condition. We will provide you with an instant quote after looking at the house and considering a number of factors.

Why Work with Max Cash Buys Houses?

Max Cash Buys Houses is a group of local home buyers. That means there is no “middle man” or marketing company selling your information to third-party franchisees and more importantly, it means we can offer you more money for your house and likely close faster. When you call us, you’ll be on the phone with a local direct buyer who can be on site to give you an estimate the same day. Because our clients will be working directly with local investors and not having a national marketing company, they will get their property sold faster and fetch a better price.

Call Max Cash Buys Houses in Tucson, AZ, now at (520) 355-1511 to sell your home!